PaperEZ® WrapManual Honeycomb Paper Dispenser

  • The paper wrap dispenser designed with small footprint that can be placed at any packing station and can be controlled by manual, no need any electricity.
  • Improve your packing efficiency by 25% if you strectch honecomb paper roll on our honeycomb paper holder. It will save your time and labor.
  • After stretching, the 3D honey comb structure provides good cushioning, Several layers of wrapping keep items safe and no breakage.
  • You can use it as box void filler. Great lightweight packing supplies for moving and shipping fragile items. 

Ameson PaperEZ WrapManual Honeycomb Wrapping Paper Dispenser for Packaging

The PaperEZ is easy to use, doesn’t need electricity and requires no maintenance. Honeycomb paper is eco-friendly and cost effective alternative to bubble wrap. The wrapping material is created on demand at the pack station/convertor saving both time and space.
Ameson is a professional honeycomb paper dispenser manufacturer & supplier, with several advanced production lines, the products are exported to all over the world.
This Honeycomb Wrapping Paper Dispenser is ideal for a wide variety of products due its expandable 3D honeycomb structure and is used in cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, homewares and food industries and also for gift wrapping.The Kraft paper protects from shocks whilst the tissue paper protects from scratches.

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