MINI AIR® PLA Air Bubbles

Biodegradable air cushion film by AMESON, you get a biodegradable film that protects your light packaged goods.

This  Biodegradable packaging film used for protection of various surfaces, in metal and construction industries, it is used for protection of roof, glass, profiles.

Width: 400mm*320mm
Thickness: 20μm thickness

Length: based on the placed order

Ameson PLA Air Bubbles, Biodegradable Packaging Air Cushion Film Wrap 

This reliable MINI AIR Wrapper air bubble film with 20µm is perfect e.g. as intermediate wrapper, crosswise wrapping and wrapper to protect your goods during transportation.

Have you ever received a box with ciabatta roll shaped air bags? These little pillows go a long way in protecting goods, and they are now available in biodegradable PLA plastic. Fulfillment centers like the ease of air cushions because they store flat. Feed them through a specialized machine to puff them up as needed.

  • Reusable/Recyclable: YesFilm Thickness: 20 micron
  • Bio home-compostable, PLA Plastic
  • Platform: Film will work with Air Cushion machine
  • Design: Easy tear perforation
  • Suitable for heavy to medium goods
  • Wrapper film for most applications
  • Type: Bubble #40
    Material: Starch
    Perforation: Every 12 inches
    Wrapper (Metric): 320mm x 400mm (12.60 inches x 16 inches)
Regular size(cm)
bubbles,bubbles wave,tube large,tube small,tube multi,quilt large,quilt small

Reusable/Recyclable: YesFilm Thickness: 20 micronBio home-compostable, PLA PlasticPlatform: Film will work with Air Cushion machineDesign: Easy tear perforationSuitable for heavy to medium goodsWrapper film for most applicationsType: Bubble #40
Material: Starch
Perforation: Every 12 inches
Wrapper (Metric): 320mm x 400mm (12.60 inches x 16 inches)

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