Gummed Paper Tape Roll

  • Glass fibres for extra strength and resistance
  • Water activated, it must be used with TapeZ dispenser
  • Resistant to temperature and humidity variations
  • Can be fully recycled with board once used, and is bio-degradable

Water activated Fiber Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape

Reinforced gummed paper tape has cross-woven glass fibres for extra strength and resistance. This reinforced tape is ideal when you heavier loads and tougher conditions. Manufactured from kraft paper and is suitable for all carton sealing purposes.

The secure seal provides strength to a carton as it bonds, and performs extremely well in different temperatures. Gummed paper tape has a high heat and cold tolerance, so can be used when exporting goods abroad to hot or humid places, as well as storing goods in deep-freeze conditions.

All tapes have a water-activated adhesive, and therefore must be used with dispensers that are designed to moisten, dispense and cut the tape as required. You can purchase TapeZ dispensers.

Fiber Reinforced Paper Tape
Fiber Reinforced Paper
Paper Box Sealing

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