PaperEZ® WrapBox Void Fill Honeycomb Paper

1. Simple eco-friendly wrapping solution
2. Small footprint, can be placed anywhere
3. Perfect for start-up or home based web shops
4.Excellent surface protection and presentation
5. Sustainable alternative to bubble wrap


PaperEZ WrapBox E Void Fill Honeycomb Paper Wrapping Dispenser for Packaging

PaperEZ WrapBox is suitable for smaller packaging environments in which one has to pack items occasionally, such as e-commerce dealing with limited space and funds. Many start-ups, retail store and small warehouses have one thing in common, limited space available for packing or fulfillment activities.PaperEZ WrapBox offers a wrapping solution that is fast and easy, offers surface protection to a wide range of products, makes you stand out of the crowd because it is a one-of-a kind wrapping material and fits in exactly those areas where space is limited.

Ameson is a professional void fill paper manufacturer & supplier, with several advanced production lines, the products are exported to all over the world.

  • Recyclable Packaging, the green alternative to unsustainable plastic
  • 100% paper based,curbside recyclable
  • Eliminates the need for other packaging material
  • Honeycomb cells interlock to themselves, eliminating the need for tape
  • Easy to tear at the exact length needed; eliminates waste and the need for scissors
  • 100% protection of your fragile item, for example glassware, electronics, perfumes, ceramics, paintings, toys, etc
  • Aesthetically pleasing packaging provides for a better unboxing experience.
Honeycomb Paper Dispenser
PaperEZ WrapBox E

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