MINI AIR® Anti-static Wrapper

Pink Anti-Static material contains additives that effectively eliminate the hazard of static damage to sensitive electronic components during packaging, storing and shipping.

Anti-Static Air Bubble are perfect for shipping, moving, storing, and protecting all electrostatic sensitive devices and fragile/ delicate items such as phones, tablets, and computers, dishes, collectibles, glass.

Strong, flexible, lightweight, well tear, and moisture resistant. Easy to store. Prefect protection from shock, vibration, abrasion, and dings.

Optimum protection for your electronic products: antistatic ESD air bubble wrap 

Shippers of electronic components and devices know the problem: During transportation and in packaging,
components are exposed to electrostatic discharge (= ESD). This is generated through friction during transport.
When unpacking, shock-like discharges can occur and the component can be damaged.

Protect components and people from electrostatic discharge

Highly sensitive components need antistatic packaging protection during transport in order to prevent possible damage and danger,
as well as to prevent returns: whether computers with hard drives, semiconductors and circuit boards, batteries and chargers,
meters,laboratory equipment, controls, automation technology, sensors, displays and much more.
Protection against electrostatic discharge with bubble wrap has two dimensions: firstly components are protected against damage,
and secondly however employees in logistics or production are protected against electric shocks.
During transport a component may be charged to such an extent that the employee can expect more than just a “small spark“.
Many companies therefore require their suppliers to use antistatic bubble wrap.

Mini air wrapper

Mini air wrapper

Mini air wrapper

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