Biodegradable Pallet Wrap

1. 100% compostable materials
2. Alternatives to plastic pallet wrap
3. Strong toughness, puncture proof
4. Good load-bearing performance
5. OK compost certified

Biodegradable pallet wrap is a real 100% compostable stretch film. the main raw materials is PBAT and PLA , which offers outstanding pallet stability but is able to break down in natural conditions, helping to reduce the world-wide issue of plastic waste.

Ameson is a professional biodegradable pallet wrap manufacturer & supplier, with several advanced production lines, the products are exported to all over the world.

  • Under compost environment, it will completely graded into water and carbon dioxide within one year.
  • Extremely tough formula allows the film to be applied with huge tension levels without the film breaking.
  • Multi-purpose, used for bundling, wrapping, securing and protecting a vast range of products.
  • Not easy to be punctured and damaged, trust worthy quality.
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