Alternatives to plastic stretch film: biodegradable pallet wrap

Pallet wrap can be divided into traditional plastic pallet wrap and biodegradable pallet wrap according to its impact on the environment.

Nowadays, most of the pallet wraps used in the world are traditional plastic pallet wraps. It takes more than one hundred years or longer to completely degrade under natural conditions. Extensive use has caused serious pollution and damage to the environment. In contrast, biodegradable pallet wrap can decompose itself after about 20 months as long as it is under suitable temperature conditions.

biodegradable materials pallet wrap

The principle of biodegradable pallet wrap is that under the interaction of light and oxygen or heat and oxygen, the polymer chain is oxidatively damaged, and the molecular weight is reduced, which eventually leads to the film becoming brittle, disintegrating and degrading. When the oxidative degradation is completed, the microorganism-promoting substance components will attract microorganisms in the soil to decompose it, and finally split and degrade it into carbon dioxide, water and biomass, and then re-enter the ecological environment in a reduced form, which effectively avoids soil pollution and can Improve soil quality and ensure sustainable use of soil.

In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the use of packaging materials and environmental protection. While enjoying the convenience and benefits brought by plastic packaging materials, people often discard them at will and ignore the serious harm caused by them to the human living environment. Environmental protection has become an issue of great concern all over the world, which promotes the continuous innovation and optimization of packaging materials. Consumers also gradually have the awareness and action to use environmentally friendly packaging materials. The new biodegradable pallet wrap will be more and more favored by the market.

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