The Investment Signing Ceremony between Storopack &  Ameson

Good News! The signing ceremony of Storopack, a century-old German company, invested in Ameson.

On April 30, 2024, Ameson and Storopack held an investment and shareholding signing ceremony at the Xiamen North Bay Hotel.

Ameson & Storopack -1

Storopack, a century-old German company, is the world’s leading company in protective packaging. At the signing ceremony, the chairman of both parties gave speeches respectively, they both shew lots of confidence and expectations for the prospects of the cooperation.

The protective packaging has also attracted much attention with the development of global logistics. Ameson has achieved remarkable success in the field of cushion packaging with its excellent technical strength and innovation capabilities.

While Storopack has achieved rich and long-standing experience in the packaging industry with a global sales network, which lays a solid foundation for cooperation between two parties.

This cooperation will take them to a new chapter on a global scale.

Xiamen Ameson New Material Inc.

Ameson was founded in 2006, as the national high-tech enterprise in China, the company design, develop, produce its own intelligent protective equipment and new ECO material, which was also awarded as “new specialized and sophisticated” Little Giant Enterprise. The company has more than 60 invention patents and is the setter of domestic standards in the industry. Our Mission is to provide more eco-friendly, safer and simpler protective packaging solutions.

Storopack Hans Reichenecker GMBH

Founded in 1874, Storopack is a 150-year-old family-owned company headquartered in Metzingen, Germany, dedicated to the development, manufacturing and sales of protective packaging and molding products, with self-built production plants and bases in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, and more than 2,500 employees worldwide.

Storopack’s goal is to offer customers the perfect protective packaging solutions and support them over the long-term. 

Ameson & Storopack -2

The signing ceremony, the chairman of both parties give the speech.

This investment and signing cooperation will bring more opportunities and development space to Ameson Company, both parties would have further achieve resource sharing and mutual benefit.

Although the investment ratio is no more than 10%, Storopack values Ameson a lot & likes our products with stable quality. So they invested Ameson and authorized us to do some OEM products.

We firmly believe Ameson and Storopack will achieve more brilliant results and contribute more to the development of the protective packaging industry with the joint efforts of both parties.

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