What is vented stretch film?

Vented stretch film is also called breathable stretch film, mesh stretch film, perforated stretch film, vented pallet wrap, mainly used for pallet wrapping. During the production process of vented stretch film, there are some holes in the film through special technique, so that it can prevent ventilation and moisture when packaging some products with relatively high humidity or high temperature.

Why use vented stretch film?

Using ordinary stretch film to pack fruits, flowers, food, and hot-filled beverages on pallet will make it difficult for the products to get air and breath, and they will all rot or mold. Because ordinary stretch film has strong airtightness, water vapor will be generated if products cannot breathe and dissipate heat, resulting in damage. However, the vented stretch film will avoid this problem.

Vented stretch film not only has the characteristics of traditional stretch film, but also solves the problem of water vapor generated due to airtightness. Therefore, it is used to package products such as fruits, flowers, meat, hot-filled beverages, etc., even for several days, it will not rot or mold due to the strong sealing

The advantages of vented stretch film

Vented stretch film is an enhanced breathable stretch film, with mesh -like breathing holes on the surface, which can speed up air circulation and solve many problems such as ripening gas, humidity, moldy or condensation, so as to maintain fresh food and other products. At the same time, the reinforced fibre on the breathing stretch film can prevent it from rupture and provide better loading capacity

Vented stretch film has the advantages of light weight, good elasticity, high air permeability, and low packaging cost. It is widely used in food and beverages, dairy products, pet foods, pharmaceutical products, agricultural markets, gardening, flower markets, etc.

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