Paper protective packaging : you should know more about the new packing type

Paper protective packaging, as one of the most common forms of packaging in daily life, has the advantages of many other packaging materials that cannot be replaced.

Paper protective packaging such as bubble paper, honeycomb paper, kraft paper, etc. The most important advantage is environmental protection. Paper is made of wood and is a renewable resource.

Compared with non -degradable materials such as plastic, paper packaging can be recycled after use, reducing pollution to the environment.

Paper protective packaging does not need to use any glue or adhesive during the production process, so it will not produce harmful chemicals, which is very suitable for the areas that need to strictly control chemical residues in food packaging.

The cost of paper protective packaging is low and easy to process. The source of paper materials is wide and the price is relatively low, making the cost of paper protective packaging relatively low.

honeycomb paper

Paper protective packaging can be designed with a variety of printing processes to increase the beauty and attractiveness of the product.

In addition, paper protective packaging also has good folding, stretching and compressive performance, which is easy to process into various shapes and sizes, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

The use of paper protective packaging is also very wide. In the food industry, paper packaging is often used to pack food such as candy, chocolate, biscuits, etc. Because the paper protective packaging is good, it can maintain the freshness of the food.

In the electronic product industry, paper protective packaging is often used to protect fragile components or screens. In addition, paper protective packaging is widely used in cosmetics, toys, books and other industries.

Paper protective packaging, such as honeycomb paper and bubble paper, as an environmentally friendly, low -cost packaging method, not only has many advantages in the production and use process, but also has extensive use and market demand.

Ameson actively promotes the use of paper packaging to protect the environment and save resources together!

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