How to use the dunnage bags correctly?

The dunnage bags is a large inflatable air bag which used in the gap filling between the pallets in the container. It is also called container air bags.

Material composition of dunnage bags

The dunnage bag can be divided into inner bag and outer bag. The inner bag is made of PE or it’s Co-extruded film. The outer bag is made of kraft paper or PP material. It has strong anti-pressure protection performance, which can effectively prevent the goods in the container from colliding with each other in the sea, truck and railway transportation.

dunnage air bags

How to correctly select the specifications of the dunnage bags:

1. Measure the height of the pallets;

2. Measure the gap between the goods;

3. Measure the depth of the tray or pallets.


1. Be sure to tighten the air valve before using them in container.

2. If the cargo packaging has a sharp angle (such as wooden tray, wooden box, etc.), please adding corrugated cardboard or other flat plates to the two sides of the inflatable bag can effectively protect the inflatable paper bags without being broken.

If it is the first time you are using a dunnage bag, please consult our professional service in personnel, we will help you choose the right size and complete the first packing test .

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