Which products are suitable for foam in place packaging?

First of all, we need to understand what foam in place is. Foam in place is foamed by mixing polyurethane A and B liquids. The A and B liquids are heated and mixed in a certain proportion through the foam in place equipment to complete the foaming.

There are two main forms of foam in place packaging from manufacturers, one is expandable foam bags and the other is foam in place machine. The foaming principle of the foam bag is relatively simple, mainly for customers of fixed size and needing prefabrication. For more information, please see mini foam bags. This article mainly introduces foam in place machine.

Foam in place packaging is to place the product on the foam film during the foaming process after the foaming liquid is mixed. The transportation safety factor is greatly improved.

So which products are suitable for foam in place packaging? Products that need to be protected include regular products such as squares, circles, and cylinders, as well as various irregular products. Regular product packaging is relatively simple, just do a good job of wrapping and paving. However, irregular products often have many specific shapes, large and small, and are easily broken and damaged. Irregular products like these are very suitable for packaging protection using Foam in place.

With the transformation of e-commerce transportation, the application of Foam in place packaging will become more and more extensive, such as instrumentation products, ceramic products, glass handicrafts, lighting fixtures, bathroom products, etc. As a leading factory in the field of protective packaging, Ameson packaging has been committed to providing customers with safer solutions. The mini foam packaging equipment is aimed at foam in place applications. The products are exported to more than 30 countries, both in terms of function and quality. It is worth looking forward to.

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