Automatic water activated tape dispenser

With the global emphasis on environmental protection, the tape industry is also facing a huge reform It has become a consensus in the market to choose environmentally friendly tapes that are naturally degradable and pollution-free. Ameson adheres to the concept of environmental protection and has launched this automatic water activated tape dispenser with strong R&D capabilities.

TapeZ water activated tape dispenser uses water activated paper tape, which is made of kraft paper as the base material and modified starch as the adhesive. It can be sticky after being wetted with water, the surface can be handwritten, renewable resources can be recycled, It also has high viscosity, no warping, and can prevent unpacking.

TapeZ continues the characteristics of Ameson machines that are easy to use and reliable in quality. It is fully automatic and efficient in paper output, and can match common paper tapes on the market, which can maximize packaging efficiency and save manpower.

Advantages of TapeZ water activated tape dispenser:
  • Except the manual mode, there are other 3 auto modes to satisfy with different packing needs which can realzie assembly line operation.
  • Stable transmission, speed up to 60m/min on continous mode,smooth running,high efficency.
  • Works for standard paper tape with width of 36mm-100mm and the outer diameter can reache 180mm.
  • Built-in Sensor, detective the device’s running situation. Warning code for “No paper”, “Cover opening” and other abnormal.
  • Big water tank, the water level is visible and adjustable, meet with different feature of the tapes.
  • LCD panel , AC100-240V compatible,also can be control by pedal.
  • Customized brush, evenly applied water, long service life.

According to the needs of different customers, Ameson has simultaneously launched a manual water activated tape dispenser, welcome to consult.

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