Why choose MINI AIR film products?

shipping package uses common packaging materials such as air cushion bag, bubble film, foam peanut, paper pad, waste paper, etc., the merchant can only protect the product intact if the cushion material is selected correctly, due to the product type, shape, and weight. The requirements for cushioning materials vary depending on the value, vulnerability, and utility.

Item packaging, delivery, and transportation will encounter a series of temperamental factors, for example, knocks, influencing, crash, tossing, and so on., which may make harm the items in the bundle. The majority of the harmed things are delicate and plastic things. Harm to the products frequently makes enormous losses for the seller. The utilization of the air pocket pad significantly decreases the breakage pace of item transportation and tackles a major issue for the dealer. What is the best packaging technique for the air packaging solution?

The Ameson MINI AIR cushioning bubble film has a very good pressure protection effect, environmentally friendly and recyclable. The use of bubble film to protect the product can also reduce the cost of the package, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the product in the market.


Ameson inflatable bags are used to fill the gaps between the goods, support the weight generated by the shaking of the goods, absorb shocks, and protect the goods from damage during transportation.

Inflatable bag-filling packaging is a new environmentally-friendly cushioning material that uses air to act as a buffer. It can reduce the loss caused by uncertain factors in the transportation process. Its light weight will not increase the weight of the package and the transportation cost.

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