Why air cushion packaging will lead the packaging industry

Air cushion packaging

Air column bag is used as a substitute for peanut-cotton, foam, and other packaging materials. Currently used in online package delivery, import, export, and logistics! It is a new type of cushioning package for shockproof, anti-friction, anti-collision.

The Ameson Air Packing product is a new packaging system that uses air cushioning. It covers the product and can protect the packaged product, not just filling and supporting. It provides long-term storage and non-leakage seismic protection, and the cushion protection of the column-type comprehensive coating reduces the damage rate. Compared with the traditional filler, it will not be damaged due to the large gap in the inner box of the package, and the items will be displaced during the transportation process.

Now with the electronic products are shipping everywhere, but some of the electronic products are too fragile and can easily break down. For example, the display screen, the touch screen is broken, etc. In this case, changing a component is something that many people will choose. At this time, the use of the air column bag can ensure that these fragile products are not damaged by transportation. Moreover, TVs, camcorders, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. can also be packaged in airbags.

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