What is the best packaging solution for online sellers?

Product packaging, shipping, and transportation will experience a series of unstable factors such as bumps, swaying, collision, throwing, etc., which may cause damage to the products in the package. Most of the damaged items are fragile and plastic items. Damage to the goods often causes huge economic losses to the merchants. The application of the bubble cushion greatly reduces the breakage rate of product transportation and solves a big problem for the merchant. What is the best packaging method for the bubble film?

The product is damaged during transportation because it is often caused by collision and squeezing force during transportation. The extrusion and collision between the goods during the transportation is the main reason for product damage. The function of the bubble film is to protect the product. Reduce the pressure from various factors.

The bubble film is a kind of cushion protection packaging material, which acts as a cushioning shock absorber. As long as the package is wrapped with a bubble film to wrap the product, it is highly protective to cushion the package and reduce the impact of external impact during product transportation.

The Ameson MINI AIR cushioning bubble film has a very good pressure protection effect, environmentally friendly and recyclable. The use of bubble film to protect the product can also reduce the cost of the package, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the product in the market.

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