What are the characteristics of cushioning materials?

What are the common cushioning materials? What are the characteristics of cushioning materials?

Online shopping parcels come from all over the country, and collisions and vibrations are inevitable during transportation. In order to protect the goods from damage, the courier company will use cushioning packaging materials. So, what are the common cushioning materials? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

1,Polystyrene foam EPS, commonly known as foam board or Styron-foam

Advantages: better shock-proof cushioning performance, high compressive strength (compressive strength increases with increasing density), less water absorption, grease resistance, easy molding, and low cost.


Polystyrene foam EPS

Disadvantages: It is easy to produce plastic deformation after compression, poor reusability, poor weather resistance, brittle, easy to break and create dust.

Applications: Packaging of household appliances and industrial products.

2, polyethylene foam EPE, commonly known as pearl cotton

Features: low density, good flexibility, high recovery ability; shockproof performance is better than polystyrene plastic; independent bubble structure, low surface water absorption; good anti-penetration performance; acid, alkali, salt, oil and other organic solvent corrosion It has excellent aging resistance; it does not flow at high temperatures and does not crack at low temperatures.

pearl cotton

Applications: high-end furniture, household appliances, instrumentation, craft gifts, wood products, glass ceramics, building waterproof, carpet floor, sound insulation, travel bags, precision parts, various pipe insulation and other field.

3, polyurethane foam (EPU): divided into polyester and polyether type, according to hardness is divided into soft, hard, semi-hard.

Advantages: good resilience; good cushioning performance; wide temperature resistant range.

Disadvantages: small carrying capacity, narrow application range, cannot be used for heavier product packaging.

Application: Polyurethane foam has the characteristics of anti-mildew, anti-corrosion, anti-insect, sound insulation, heat insulation, etc., so it is widely used in the building decoration industry, cushioning packaging of molded products.

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