MINI AIR® Easi machine makes your packaging easier

Air pillow machine

The cushioning package has good anti-shock protection function. With the continuous development of the online shopping trend, it plays an important role in the transportation of goods. The Mini Air Easi air cushion machine is a machine developed for the new generation of cushioning packaging, and is a compact and lightweight multifunctional airbag manufacturing machine. It can be placed on the tabletop, and can directly produce inflatable bags on the assembly line, which can produce the inflatable bag 24 hours a day.

The small air cushion machine on the table instantly produces the airbag according to the packaging requirements, which can greatly save the storage space. At the same time, you can manage how many airbags need to be torn off to avoid excessive packaging; further, the inflatable bag is clean and tidy, it can effectively avoid the use of traditional materials as a filling package to produce debris.

In addition, the inflatable cushion bag has strong flexibility, which can make the appearance of bags, handbags, shoes, and any other product neat and impressive. Also you are engaging a new packaging method of filling the empty space in the box with natural air. The airbag itself is made of inert gas, which cushions the product and protects the whole body. According to the gap between the product and the box, the size of the airbag is selected to ensure that the items are not free during transportation. Shake to reduce the pressure on the item.

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