How to properly use the air dunnage bags

Online shopping usually requires a few days to be delivered.  If the product is packaged without cushioning, it will be easily crushed during transportation. How to prevent the product from being crushed during transportation? This requires the use of the inflatable bag for cushioning protection, and the use of an inflatable bag to cushion shock absorption will protect products delivered safely.

Air cushion bag

How to inflate the inflatable bag? how to use air cushion bags? The inflation method of the airbag is to use the mini air cushion machine for inflation sealing, and the air is sealed in the bubble film. The mini air cushion machine is convenient to operate and productive in inflation, and the filled airbag is wrapped along the easy tear line. On-demand airbags can be utilized anytime anywhere.

When the merchant wants to reduce the damage to the product during the transportation and delivery process, cushion packaging would be the safest way to protect the package and guarantee products undamaged. The cushion packaging also does better than traditional paper packaging.

Inflated airbags protect the product from impact and crush during transport and provide further cushioning by restoring performance. Inflatable bags have the shape of balls, waves, squares, etc., and can be selected according to the packaging needs of the product.

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