How to properly inflate air column bag

air column bag

Since many customers are purchasing the air column bag for their first time. During the use of air compressor, the inflation air pressure could be too large (some customers even use the pressure of the vehicle tires to inflate the air column bag), and the inflation time could be too long, causing there are one or two air columns and even several air columns do not have synchronous air intake. Here, Ameson packaging introduces the correct inflation method of the air column bag:

1. The air pressure over the atmospheric will cause the column bag easy to explode. Please adjust the airbag inflation pressure correctly.
Many customers use air compressors to inflate the airbag, which is very efficient. However, it should be noted that the pressure of the air compressor must be controlled to 0.06 to 0.08 MPa (MPA) required by the airbag industry standard.

Ameson packaging can give a data for reference: general air compressor, if you do not adjust the air pressure through the pressure reducing valve, the default output air pressure can reach 0.2~0.3MPA, which is quite large air pressure, and the private car tire pressure is also generally Only 0.24MPA~0.28MPA.

2, The time of inflating should be appropriate, inflated for too long will cause the air column bag easy to explode.

3. If one or two or even several columns of air column do not have synchronized air intake, please gently slam the valve film for one or two seconds.

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