How to choose the proper air cushion machine for your business?

Air pillow machine

The choice Air cushion machine is based on your product, and the specifications and width of the film can be customized.

Before you buy a machine, you can contact the sales consultant online to tell the sales staff what your needs are, what kind of model you plan to use, and the sales staff will help you choose the model that suits you. If you are an online seller, or a small business owner, or a courier service provider, you should choose a reliable air cushion machine that is also easy to use, please pay attention to our Mini Air EASI, there are few significant advantages to use our Mini air EASI machine.

The world’s lightest air cushion machine, the appearance is exquisite and compact, the whole machine weighs only 5 lb.;

  1. Can produce both air cushion filler and wrapper;
  2. Pass the EU CE safety certification, in line with the global machine safety standards;
  3. Convenient and intelligent operation interface, LED screen display;
  4. You can change the film rolls of different specifications at any time according to your needs;
  5. Can produce air cushions of various specifications and styles, suitable for different occasions;
  6. On-demand production of air cushions to save space for packaging materials.
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