FAQ about air column bag

  1. How is the air column bag shaped:

The main component of the air column bag is 7 layers of PE, which is mixed with 15% PA material, so we generally make these raw materials into a co-extruded film. In fact, the content of PA determines the price and quality of the airbag. The market is generally 15%.

  1. What products need to be packed in air column bags?

Due to the special properties of the airbag material, the airbag application covers almost all industries. Whether it is the high-end precision electronics industry or everyday appliances, you can fully use the air column bag. In particular, some fragile and easy-to-scratch ceramic crafts, jewelry or high-precision instruments are indispensable.

  1. What is the pressure on the airbag?

Our own air column bag 60U can withstand pressure up to 150KG. Among them, the 120U film reaches 400KG. Therefore, our products are more competitive in the market.

    4. how to deal with the problem of airbag leakage

In general, the air column bag is the same as the car tire. As long as the internal air pressure is not at the same value as the external air pressure, air leakage will occur. Therefore, as long as the phenomenon of air leakage occurs, it can be refilled by the air pump. This will prevent continuous air leaks.

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