Cushion packaging product design principles

The purpose of the cushion packaging is to prevent mechanical damage caused by external forces during transportation, handling, and storage. In order to achieve the ultimate purpose of the design, we need to know what are the factors need our attention.

(1) External forces received by the product in circulation

The external forces that the product receives during the circulation process are mainly shock and vibration.

1,impact. When the package falls from a certain height and collides with the ground or other objects, or is subjected to a momentary external force, it can be considered to be impacted. Regardless of the mode of transport used, the most severe impacts on the product often come from loading and unloading operations, mostly due to the falling of the package on the ground. In addition, in transportation, various transportation tools such as trains, automobiles, etc., inevitably cause an impact on the package due to driving, parking, and sudden braking.

2,Vibration. Any package is a multi-degree-of-freedom vibration system with both elasticity and damping. The vibration generated by the package is the forced vibration motivated by the vehicle. The vibration generated by the vehicle is very detrimental to the package, especially if the natural frequency of the package is similar or the same as the vibration frequency of the vehicle, the product will be damaged by resonance. Such as mechanical abrasion, fatigue damage, packaging deformation, product damage and so on.

Cushion packaging

(2) General principles of cushion packaging design

1 The product should be fixed firmly in the packaging container, cannot be moved, and its protruding and vulnerable parts should be supported. When there are multiple products in the same packaging container, it should be effectively isolated.

2 Select a suitable cushioning pad, the area of the padding depends on the weight of the product or inner packaging, and the characteristics of the cushioning material. The static compressive stress of the cushioning pad should be appropriate.

3 Make appropriate selection of cushioning materials, for different product variety, shape, weight, value, vulnerability, etc., the requirements for cushioning materials are also different.

4 The packaging structure should be as simple as possible, easy to unload, open and remove the product from the package.

5 When designing the product, comprehensive consideration should be given to various factors. For example, when calculating the vibration amount, it is necessary to consider the overall response of the package during resonance.

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