Air column bag unique functions

Air column bag

1. its transparent appearance is more beautiful than the traditional packaging material, and the design is compact enough to closely adhere to the product and improve the image of the product.

2. the air column bag uses various air cushions to support the product suspension, disperse and absorb the external pressure, and can give high-performance protection to the product during transportation.

3. the production process of the air column bag is all tailor-made by computer, no need to make mold, not only the delivery time is fast but also can reduce the cost for the enterprise.

4. the air column bag before use is only a film shape, which can save more than 90% of the storage space compared with the traditional packaging material, which reduces the storage cost for the enterprise.

5. the air column bag shape fits the product, and the volume is light, which can replace the traditional packaging material, reduce the volume of the outer box by more than 10%, and increase the number of product packaging.

6. the air bag is very easy to inflate and packaged without any trouble. It is ready to use, and it automatically locks the air, no need to consider the sealing problem, and greatly improve work efficiency.

7. Since the air column bag is a plastic film, it does not stick to the dust like the traditional packaging material, and the plastic film can also be printed at will, which enhances the brand awareness for the enterprise.

8. the air bag is waterproof and airtight. Its plastic material is moisture-proof and waterproof. The air leakage rate is 10% on average within 6 months.

9. from raw materials to finished products, air column bags are made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, which can be degraded under certain natural conditions, and will not cause damage to the environment and the human body.

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